About Us

Since 2001 Sooper Dooper has been providing cd and dvd manufacturing for a wide variety of musicians and businesses from our facility in Madison, WI. We offer an assortment of jewel case and paperboard packages with digital, offset, letterpress and hand silkscreen print options. We also offer basic bindery services such as custom diecutting, perfing, creasing, numbering, corner rounding and saddle stitching.

Our Staff

  • chris_240x280

    This is Chris. He’s the founder/bill payer/running the place guy. He does most of the prepress and all of our printing and die cutting. He is a Libra and likes Hopalicious.

  • shawn

    It’s time to update Shawn’s bio.
    Things have changed. He no longer
    drives a red Grand Prix and now
    has a blue Prius. His membership
    to Planet Fitness has expired but
    he is still in good shape.
    Dude is Ripped!

    While Shawn still spends time in
    the shop folding and gluing, he
    now spends most of his time working
    with customers getting their packages
    together and helping with layouts.
    Call him and say hi! Ask him about Puggles.

  • jordan_redcoat

    Jordan mostly works in the shop
    on the letterpress projects. He
    does most of the hand typeset and
    makeready/setups. I swear at times
    I think he is talking to the wood
    type. He gets a little kooky. I’m
    not really sure what is going on
    in this picture he gave me as he
    does not speak in a British accent
    and he seems to old for trick or
    treat. I will admit he looks good though!

  • sara2

    Sara comes to Sooper Dooper with
    years of letterpress printing and
    bindery experience from running
    her own shop Raky Press. Shes a
    bad ass mommma who also skates
    on a local Roller Derby team
    where she is known as The Pied
    Typer. Don’t check her Jam!

  • SDBen

    I know, I know. As you stare into the
    dreamy eyes of our finishing master
    Ben you may think that you have been
    transported to the pages of
    Match.com. Alas, you have not, you
    are still here at sooperdooper.net.
    Ben has worked in radio and works
    with local bands doing radio and
    mag promotions. Ben has also
    served in the US Navy aboard the
    USS Ronald Reagen. We’re happy to
    have him back here in Madison and
    on the finishing team of Sooper Dooper!

  • brendan

    Brendan is the newest member of the
    team. When he’s not here helping out
    with folding, gluing and other
    finishing work he spends his time
    making falafel balls and playing in
    three bands. I have yet to see his
    band, but based on the rock and roll
    outfit he’s wearing in this shot
    it’s gonna be bananas!

  • vincent

    Vincent Van Vandercook is the senior
    member of our staff. He was born in
    Chicago in 1940 and has had a full
    exciting life prior to coming to
    us here in Madison and we love
    having him on our team. These
    days he prints posters and cd
    packaging, but just think of the
    things he has printed in his 75 years!

  • mike

    Mike (on the left) has been helping
    out at Sooper Dooper as long as there
    has been a Sooper Dooper. When not
    helping out in busy seasons or filling
    in for vacations, Mike lives on a boat
    near Tampa, FL. When you stop in,
    ask him if you can visit. You’ll see a
    dolphin for sure.