About Us

Since 2001 Sooper Dooper has been providing cd and dvd manufacturing for a wide variety of musicians and businesses from our facility in Madison, WI. We offer an assortment of jewel case and paperboard packages with digital, offset and letterpress options. We also offer basic bindery services such as custom diecutting, perfing, creasing, numbering, corner rounding and saddle stitching.



This is Chris. He’s the founder/bill payer/running the place guy. Chris has over 30 years experience in the industry both running and rebuilding printing and bindery equipment. He does most of the prepress and all of our printing and die cutting. Chris currently plays bass in The Known Unknowns and Mad Trucker Gone Mad. He is a Libra.


This is Sam. He is viewing the eclipse with his ISO certified glasses to prevent damage to his retina. Sam brings the Sooper Dooper bass player count up to two. He is the master of all things in the shop and will make sure everything is tip top with your project.


For the last 8 years you all know Shawn as the main front of house/shop manager here at Sooper Dooper. Most of Shawn’s time these days are wrapped up in other endeavors and he is now only working part time helping out in the shop with projects.


Look who is back! It’s Jordan. After a 3 year stint in Des Moines Jordan and his family have moved back to Madison. Jordan was instrumental in setting up our letterpress shop many years ago and it is great to have him back slinging some ink.


Between tours, running a label and working two jobs Bobby is a busy guy. Bobby helps out around the shop with assembly, shrinkwrapping and other finishing duties when we need some extra hands.


Welcome back Darwin! In betwen touring and generaly hard rocking D-Dogg has been coming in to help us cover sick days and vacations here in the shop and it is so good to have him around! Darwin was the first and original Sooper Dooper employee back when we started in 2001 and honestly we wouldn’t be here today without his contribution. Darwin players both guitar and bass, so technically he brings the bass player count up to 3 at La Doop. Here he is basking in the glory of his title of regional Table Hockey Champ – we’re proud of you Sizzy!


Mike (on the left) has been helping out at Sooper Dooper as long as there has been a Sooper Dooper. When not helping out in busy seasons or filling in for vacations, Mike lives on a boat near Tampa, FL. When you stop in, ask him if you can visit. You’ll see a dolphin for sure.

Madison Headquarters

Madison Headquarters

3228 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI 53714 | Map It!
PH: 608-256-8009
TOLL FREE: 800-818-8009
FAX: 608-256-7601
HOURS: Mon–Thu: 10–6; Fri: 10–5

Please send all mail to Madison HQ

Milwaukee Office

Milwaukee Office

515B South First St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204 | Map It!
PH: 414-940-8009
HOURS: Thursdays, by appointment only