Making of: 2021 Flannel Fest Letterpress Poster

Flannel Fest 2021 is upon us! It’s great to get back in the groove of printing wood type show posters again. Bethany really hit this one out of the park. The event benefits the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund.

Making Of: 2019 Flannel Fest Letterpress Poster

Another year of Flannel Fest is upon us! Our printer Sara Wrzesinski really did a stellar job on this poster to commemorate Flannel Fest 2019. Sara printed this 3 color poster with 2 setups and some creativity. Printed on French Paper Company Construction Recycled White utilizing both our 219OS and 320G Vandercook presses. Posters available […]

Making Of: The Greatest War Letterpress Poster

Friend of the Dooper John came in to work with our letterpress guru Sara to compose and print this sweet poster for The Greatest War. There sure is a lot of type in this poster – John got a crash course in composition and distribution that’s for sure! Enjoy this making of video. Check out […]

Making Of: 2019 MAMA Awards Letterpress Poster

The 2019 Madison Area Music Association Awards Ceremony poster features beautiful handset letterpress type with a very colorful split fountain for the text and second color for the border.

Making Of: The 2018 Flannel Fest Poster

Complete with handcut linoleum blocks and type also set by hand, we pulled out all of the stops with this poster! The annual event of Flannel Fest commemorative poster is here! Check us out this behind the scenes footage!

Making Of: Holding History’s Handset Type on Handmade Paper

We had the pleasure of working with Holding History on a unique project. For the first time ever, we printed on paper that was handmade. A 1899 Chandler and Price press with handset type was used for the production. The next phase is to fill in the blanks of the letter by typewriter. Check us […]

Making Of: The 2018 MAMA Awards Poster

It’s that time of year where the Madison Area Music Association puts on their award ceremony celebrating local musicians! This poster features names of all the entertainers you can expect to see during the ceremony. Check us out this behind the scenes footage!

Making Of: The Frequency 10 Year Anniversary Posters

The Frequency was an independently owned and operated music venue in Madison, Wisconsin. They had wonderful success for 10 years and these are the posters we printed for the event before they closed down later that month. We would like to personally congratulate Darwin Sampson who coincidentally was our first employee on your success. We […]

Making Of: Ida Jo & The Movement 4 Panel Wallet

Here is a really fun video we did for Ida Jo & The Movement. We had a magnesium “mag” plate made for the entirety of her layout, so that we could print her text and the feather on the cover at the same time. Once printing was complete, we let them sit in the drying […]

Making Of: Body Futures 6-Panel Wallet

We go way back with the peeps from Body Futures and we’re thrilled to work with them on their new cd project “Maybe it’s Just the Weather” This video walks through the finishing process of making their disc.