Seasons Greetings!

A special thanks and Happy Holidays to all of our customers over the last 14+ years from the team at Sooper Dooper! L-R Sara, Jordan, Ben, Chris, Austin and Shawn. See you in 2016!

Latest Flame Records Farewell Shows

I go way back with Dan from Latest Flame. Back before there was Sooper Dooper or Latest Flame, Dan and I played together in a short lived band called “Googlie Mooglies” We’ve been friends and business associates for almost 20 years. Dan, thank you for all you have done to promote great music!

Rebeckah and Woody!

Rock show style wedding invite and poster set for Rebeckah and Woody. Mostly wood and metal type with a small plate thrown in the poster for the bottom pow-zangs. Black on chip, like nature intended. Congrats R & W!

Camp poster

This year my wife and I have been getting in a lot of camping around the area. One thing I noticed is that the hardcore campers have the little wood routed signs with their names on it similar to the one our family had outside our house when I was young. But, being a letterpress […]

Mad Rollin’ Dolls Season 11 Championships!

At Sooper Dooper we love the Roller Girls. Yours truly sang the Nation Anthem at a Season 1 bout way back at Fast Forward. Anyhoo, we’re thrilled that the Derby is going strong and celebrating this seasons championships with a commemorative poster. Started gold and transitioned through silver and into blue. Limited to 40 pieces! […]

Perfection Type

Cool promo piece for Perfection Type. Did a silver handset base with the repeating phrase, then printed PMS199 and black over. I had this Minnesota state die for some time and am glad we finally found a use for it!

Off With Their Heads

Here’s a new poster for Sooper Dooper crew faves Off With Their Heads. The band is snaking around the upper midwest this month and we did three different venues for the tour. The usual wood and metal type with a cool border we recently received from Italy. PMS199 and Black on chip, that’s how we […]

Nashville Pussy

Nothing says Nashville Pussy like 50 line wood type! This 26×19 poster was done with wood and metal type from our collection. Some also have a sweet black/red split fountain. Posters will be for sale at the show and we hung up a few around town. Limited to 30 pieces!

Count This Penny

This poster for Madison’s Count This Penny celebrates the release of their new EP Wolves Are Sheep. We also did the CD digipack for this project and tried to tie in the sunset-ish colors of the package into the poster with a yellow/warm red split fountain. This poster has a combination of looks. We used […]

Captured! By Robots

Captured! By Robots is coming to our home base of Madison, WI and we put together this poster to celebrate the show. We did half with the multi color hand brayering and the other half with a cool split fountain. The addition of the Drunk Drivers came later after the poster was printed but we […]