Count This Penny

This poster for Madison’s Count This Penny celebrates the release of their new EP Wolves Are Sheep. We also did the CD digipack for this project and tried to tie in the sunset-ish colors of the package into the poster with a yellow/warm red split fountain. This poster has a combination of looks. We used […]

Captured! By Robots

Captured! By Robots is coming to our home base of Madison, WI and we put together this poster to celebrate the show. We did half with the multi color hand brayering and the other half with a cool split fountain. The addition of the Drunk Drivers came later after the poster was printed but we […]

The Manly Deeds

The Manly Deeds are a six piece folk band that hails from Baltimore, Maryland. They invoke the true spirit of folk music by creating timeless songs for anyone looking for a good melody, a story to relate to, and a reason to get up and dance. For the Deeds we did this sweet kraftboard album […]

Bob Log III – Slothtrop Records – Helliphant

Jordan is back from vacation and we’ve been busy pumping out some posters for august gigs!

Nineteen Thirteen Letterpress Poster

Nineteen Thirteen is an award winning Jazz Trio from Milwaukee, WI. (Stop) The band is comprised of Scott Johnson, Janet Schiff and Victor DeLorenzo, also of the Violent Femmes. (Stop) They play a wide variety of shows from The Jazz Estate to The Milwaukee Art Museum. (Stop) This poster is celebrating their gigs at both […]

Steve Leaf & The Ex-Pats

Chicago, Il band Steve Leaf and The Ex-Pats went all out for their new release “Three Circles and a Speaker.” The new release is available as twelve inch vinyl with an insert and also as a replicated cd in a wallet package. Great design brings all of the pieces together. Check them out at […]

Mad Rollin’ Dolls “Decade of Derby”

This year marks the ten year anniversary of The Mad Rollin Dolls. Flat track roller derby here in Madison has grown from humble beginnings at the Fast Forward roller rink (Yours truly sang(?)the National Anthem at a year 1 bout) to a full blown regular event at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. This split fountain monster […]

Like Like The The The Death

Like Like The The The Death is a not only a band from Milwaukee, but also the name of a Silver Jews song, of which Stephen Malkmus is a member. It’s pretty strange how this is coming together. What is also strange is everytime I meet up with Dan (drummer from LLTTTD and Latest Flame […]

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

When Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain came out in 1994 I thought it was the best album ever and it still gets plenty of spins around here. We’re very excited to do this letterpress poster for the Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show here in Madison at The High Noon Saloon. Limited edition of 30 […]

Geri X

Here at the dooper we just finished up a couple of digipack projects for Bulgarian born singer/musician/composer Geri X. Geri now lives in Tampa, but is known to frequent the Madison area. “Work is the Wolf” is a standard four panel digi while “White Light” is a pocket digi with a letterpress printed silver metallic […]