Like Like The The The Death

Like Like The The The Death is a not only a band from Milwaukee, but also the name of a Silver Jews song, of which Stephen Malkmus is a member. It’s pretty strange how this is coming together. What is also strange is everytime I meet up with Dan (drummer from LLTTTD and Latest Flame […]

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

When Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain came out in 1994 I thought it was the best album ever and it still gets plenty of spins around here. We’re very excited to do this letterpress poster for the Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show here in Madison at The High Noon Saloon. Limited edition of 30 […]

Geri X

Here at the dooper we just finished up a couple of digipack projects for Bulgarian born singer/musician/composer Geri X. Geri now lives in Tampa, but is known to frequent the Madison area. “Work is the Wolf” is a standard four panel digi while “White Light” is a pocket digi with a letterpress printed silver metallic […]

The Breeders

The Breeders Last Splash 20th anniversary tour is coming to our hometown of Madison, WI and we are celebrating the occasion with this 14×20 letterpress poster in a limited edition of 30 pieces. The poster is set in wood and metal type from our collection and lovingly hand inked while listening to Last Splash! Not […]

Die Kreuzen Imperial Pumpkin Porter

The Burnt Hickory Brewery of Kennesaw, GA. brews up this tasty porter once a year in celebration of harvest time. Named after one of our all time favorite bands, it was an honor to do these coasters for their tasting party. Raise a pint!

The Meat Puppets

The Meat Puppets are coming to town this month and we put together this poster to celebrate the occasion. Wood and metal type from our collection along with a little linocut block of one of the characters from the cover of their new album. All hail the brothers meat!

Squid poster

Sweet letterpress poster for an upcoming local show. Brad Van Illustrated and cut the linoleum block for the squid. Text set with metal and wood type from our collection.

Sooper Dooper Coasters

We had a little time around the shop last Friday so we inked up the pilot press and printed more of the classic sooper dooper beverage coaster in some new colors. Collect all 5!

Grab Yer Coat!

Here at Sooper Dooper HQ we just installed a new digital press that brings clear coating into the short run world. Flood coat or custom spots, use it to give your project a little extra eye-catching zing!

Spindle the Bird

This is Spindle the Bird. It’s spring time at Sooper Dooper and Spindle has been popping in and out of the shop, eluding us for a few days. Yesterday the little guy got himself trapped in a wall. How we do not know. But, we got us a sawzall and cut a hole in the […]