RED Business Card

file-jan-02-11-43-02-amPrinting the Rogers Eckersley Design (RED) business cards was a really fun and engaging project for us. We did it all, between the layout of handset metal type, die-cutting the paper stock with a custom design, and printing. We printed on these with a Chandler & Price press from 1899!

RED is a graphic design and branding company based out of Atlanta, GA.

Check out the “making of” video as well:

Holiday Wishes 2016

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sooper Dooper.
Thanks to everyone for making 2016 another great
year. Here’s the gang at our holiday dinner.
Left to Right:
Brendan, Sara, Chris, Jordan, Shawn and Ben.
See you at our new building in 2017!

Flannel Fest 2016

Last weekend Flannel Fest returned
to the High Noon Saloon for it’s 2016
shin-dig with a great line up of bands.
For this years poster we used a sweet
variety of wood and metal typefaces and
some freshly cast border pieces courtesy
of Skyline Type Foundry. Five tuscan faces!

Here’s a short video done by Shawn of
Jordan printing the second color…
Flannel Fest poster video

3226 Commercial Ave.

The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady

3226 Commercial Ave. I purchased
this little blue house on Madison’s east side last
month to tear it down and build a new facility for
Sooper Dooper. We recently purchased 3 new
presses (one digital and two letterpresses) and
are just bursting out of our already cramped
space. This little blue house has some history
as it was the “Shady Lady Bath House” back in
the 1980s! Due to the questionable activity it
was shut down in 1989. The house has been
mostly empty since then and ready to come
down and make way for the Dooper!

MAMA Awards 2016

Promotional poster for the Madison
Area Music Association. This poster
highlights the performers at this years
award ceremony. This poster also highlights
some of the great wood type faces in the
Sooper Dooper collection!

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers
Our buddy Victor from Nineteen Thirteen
asked us to do this poster for their gig
with The Avett Brothers and how could we
refuse? Huge fans of The Avett Brothers
over here. Have this giant “A” I found at a
flea market a couple years ago. Glad we finally
had an excuse to use it!

Mad Trucker Gone Mad two disc wallet

Awesome two color letterpress wallet for
Mad Trucker Gone Mad. We had a lot of fun
making this package. We made a video to show
the behind the scenes in our letterpress/dupe
shop. Check it out here and see all of you
favorite Sooper Dooper folks! See me play bass.
Freak out!
MTGM wallet video

Natty Nation “Divine Spark”

DSC06182 I know, this one is a couple months old.
I’ve been behind on updating the blog, but I’m back
on it! This new release from Natty Nation is
awesome, and so is the packaging. Designed by
Aaron Konkol, this gatefold vinyl jacket and
a 4/4 one pocket wallet really make this one
stand out.
Bonus – Creeper Shawn hiding in the pic :)

Mad Trucker Gone Mad CD Release Poster

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Mad Trucker Gone Mad has been
rockin it since 1996 and is releasing
it’s first proper record in seven years
titled “She Don’t Like Me When I’m Drunk…”
This sweet poster celebrates the release party
and is limited to 50 pieces. Come by the
Crystal Corner in Madison on March 19th and join
in. The album is free with admission and will be
in a hand printed letterpress package with bonus
disc and photo book. We’ll post some pics when that is done too….

Frank Rosaly / Utech Records

Frank Rosaly "Malo"

Frank Rosaly “Malo”

Frank Rosaly project for Milwaukee,
WI label Utech Records. The project
consists of a 12″ record with offset
printed jacket along with a compact disc
offered in a seven inch size letterpress
jacket for the main release “Malo” and a
second letterpress jacketed cd for the
remix album entitled “Neolithic Extraction
– The Malo Remixes”
Check it out over at