4 Panel Wallet – 2 Pocket

So you like the wallet, but you have a second disc of remixes, an eight panel poster of yourself or perhaps a booklet of your heartfelt lyrics. We understand. How would a wallet with two pockets make you feel?  We thought so. Prices shown are for the wallet piece with either one disc or two discs, barcode, wrap, blah blah. If you want to do one disc with an insert, call us and let’s figure out how much it’s gonna cost with what you want to put in that second pocket. BTW – 8 and 10 panel roll have a 500 piece minimum.

Pricing Options

CD package duplicated$189$329$569$729$869$929$1249
CD package duplicated
CD package replicated$489$501$691$797$893$899$1049
CD package replicated
DVD package duplicated
DL disc add .80/ea
DVD5 package replicated$1129$1240
DVD9 package replicated$1329$1440

Template Downloads

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