Letterpress posters

Letterpress posters have a 50 piece minimum. Our house stock is a .22 caliper chip, but white pointboard and a revolving cast of on hand stocks are available without extra charge. Special stocks are available as well, but prices vary. We have a rainbow of CML oil based inks to choose from and custom PMS colos are available for $40 per color. Setup fees for 11×17 through 14×20 are $50, setup for 18×24 is $75. Give us the copy and let us do what we want and setups are waived. Custom logos and images run .70 per square inch for photopolymer and .85 per square inch for magnesium. Any questions, give us a jingle here at the shop.

Pricing Options

50 pieces100 pieces150 pieces200 pieces
11x17 or 12x18
1 color$200$250$300$350
2 color$300$350$400$450
3 color$400$450$500$550
12x18 or 13x19
1 color$225$300$360$400
2 color$325$400$460$500
3 color$425$500$560$600
18x24 or custom
1 color$250$350$450$500
2 color$350$450$550$600
3 color$450$550$650$700
Questions? Hit us up on the contact page or call (800) 818-8009